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What Kind of Surface Does My Hot tub Need to Sit on?

There are several options for a hot tub.  They include:

1.  A concrete pad
2.  A re-inforced deck
3.  Gravel or rock pads
4.  A plastic barrier between the ground and the hot tub sometimes called a 'Spa Pad'

NEVER place your hot tub directly on grass or dirt for prolonged periods of time!!!!!

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Concrete is a good, long-term foundation base.  Although not inexpensive, it's low maintenance and adds value to your home.

Reinforced concrete at least four inches thick, that can support a weight of at least 115 lbs. per square foot is recommended, especially for larger spas.  Make sure concrete is fully cured before placing spa, and code conforming.

The cost of a concrete pad varies widely depending upon how much leveling is involved, how big you want it, and how thick you want it and what underlayment is chosen.

No matter what you choose a cure time of 7 days is recommended between the pour and the placement of your hot tub.


If you plan a deck site, you must first determine the deck's maximum load capacity.  Consult with a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before placing your hot tub on an elevated deck.  The manufacturer of your spa can give you its filled weight.  Remember to also add the weight of the occupants.  The spa's weight per square foot must not exceed the rated capacity of the structure to avoid damage and possible injury.

Our crews are qualified to construct decks that are 3ft high or less.  If you want a higher deck constructed we suggest contacting a building contractor.  In any case, larger joists that are closer together are necessary for a deck that is to support the weight of a hot tub.

WARNING - Placing a hot tub IN a deck sounds like a great idea.  However, there are SEVERAL things to take into consideration.  Please give us a call before designing and building this type of project.  The biggest thing to remember is that no matter how good the hot tub is, it will eventually need service, and the deck will outlast the life of the tub.


Gravel or crushed rock is one of the least expensive materials for a spa base.  Be sure that the ground underneath is properly compacted to prevent future settling, level, and that rainwater drainage is considered.  An access walkway of stepping stones is a nice finishing touch.

There are several different options for a rock base and several different options for underlayment for weed control, drainage, and stability.

Our crews can take a look at your site and offer suggestions to meet your budget.


These are a great alternatives to poured concrete, and are often less expensive.  Some just roll out, others are an interlocking system.  Your local hot tub dealer will carry these types of pads and can quote you a price.  We can install these systems for a small fee.